Sahara Acoustics


Sahara Acoustics is a concept and a project developed by the musician, artists and singer songwriter Kweku Mainoo.

Kweku aspires to foster aliances between  musicians, players of instruments and lyricists to collaborate, create and perform roots African music originating from south of the Sahara. 

Kweku has  performed with various artist and groups in and out of Africa like the Cabin Crew , the African Eye and many more over the years in and out of Africa,sometimes doing solo, duet, quatet and other forms of collaborations with artists worldwide.

"African music has come under one genre for a long time which doesn't potrail the wider picture,there are other forms and types of our music".Kweku wishes to draw attention to this fact,that there is  Blues,Classicals,Soul,Rap,Reggae,Toasting,spiritual and Meditating chantsand many forms of music coming from the continent by enlightening and shedding  light on this, through education,  workshops and live concerts. 

Sahara Acoustics aims at bringing traditional and contemporary music from Africa to a wider audience, be it hospitality venues, private and corporate events, community centres, schools and colleges.thereby enabling people,from all walks of life to feel and gain some understanding


Music is an international language without borders, with a simple vocabulary of  just seven notes.

We believe we can unify the world through through music and artistic expression.



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